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Ark Griffin

The Ark Griffin, with IMO number 9482469, is a noteworthy Panama-flagged bulk carrier that was built in 2011. With a length of 292 meters and a beam of 45 meters, this vessel has a gross tonnage (GT) of 93,106, enabling it to transport large quantities of cargo across vast distances. As an important player in the global shipping industry, the Ark Griffin is instrumental in facilitating international trade and connecting economies around the world.

Constructed by the esteemed Japanese shipbuilding company, Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the Ark Griffin is a testament to the shipbuilder’s commitment to quality and innovation. Imabari Shipbuilding has a well-established reputation for producing highly efficient and durable vessels, and the Ark Griffin is no exception. The ship features a robust design and cutting-edge technology, ensuring it is well-equipped to handle the demands of its role as a bulk carrier.

As a bulk carrier, the primary function of the Ark Griffin is to transport dry bulk cargo, such as coal, grain, and iron ore. These materials are crucial to various industries worldwide, and the Ark Griffin plays an essential role in ensuring their timely and efficient delivery. The vessel’s substantial size and gross tonnage allow it to carry vast quantities of cargo, optimizing shipping costs and reducing the overall environmental impact of maritime transport.

The Ark Griffin is managed by a professional shipping company, ensuring that the vessel adheres to international maritime regulations and safety standards. This includes compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) standards, which encompass various aspects of ship safety, security, and environmental responsibility. As a Panama-flagged vessel, the Ark Griffin is also subject to the oversight of the Panama Maritime Authority, which is committed to upholding high safety and regulatory standards.

Throughout its operational history, the Ark Griffin has played a pivotal role in facilitating international trade, contributing to the overall growth and development of the global economy. As a bulk carrier, the vessel has transported significant amounts of critical cargo to destinations around the world, supporting various industries that depend on these materials for their operations. With its combination of size, capacity, and advanced technology, the Ark Griffin remains an important asset in the maritime transportation industry.

In conclusion, the Ark Griffin (IMO 9482469) is a Panama-flagged bulk carrier built in 2011, with a length of 292 meters, a beam of 45 meters, and a gross tonnage of 93,106. Constructed by Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the vessel is designed for durability and efficiency, allowing it to transport significant quantities of dry bulk cargo across long distances. Adhering to international maritime regulations and safety standards, the Ark Griffin continues to play a vital role in global trade and the maritime transportation industry.

Vessel Name Ark GriffinVessel TypeBulk Carrier
FlagPanamaYear built2011
Length292 metersGross Tonnage (GT)93,106
Beam45 metersIMO9482469

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