Maintenance & Repair program

Worldwide Service. Unwavering Support.

Operating on a global scale, Van Aalst Marine & Offshore has honed its expertise in servicing vessels across diverse international waters. Our worldwide presence isn’t just a testament to our reach; it reflects a commitment to efficiency, ensuring rapid logistics and expert personnel always at the ready. Each ad hoc service request is met with swift precision. To further assist our clients, we operate a dedicated central help desk, primed to support onboard maintenance tasks around the clock. And for challenges that demand specialized attention. We can deploy skilled technicians or dispatch crucial parts to ports worldwide, ensuring comprehensive assistance for intricate maintenance and repair tasks.

Lifetime Support

Competitive prices

Unmatched value with world-class quality, delivering unbeatable price points.

Global availability

Wherever the journey, our network is there ensuring global service reach.

Spare parts

Premium parts on standby, designed to fit and function perfectly every time.


Advanced systems engineered for maritime excellence and seamless operation.

Remote access

Instant, anywhere diagnostics; because support should know no boundaries.

Fast and reliable

Speed and trustworthiness in service; our commitment to maritime success.

Critical parts

At Van Aalst Marine & Offshore, operational uptime is paramount. Our on-board spares and advanced logistic systems ensure efficiency and readiness.

Whether it’s our meticulous stock-keeping or rapid transport solutions, we’re poised to dispatch critical parts globally. This commitment not only minimizes potential system downtime but also reinforces the trust our partners have in us.

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Maintenance program

Added value

Yearly Inspection

Yearly inspections ensure marine equipment safety, prevent setbacks, and maintain compliance.

Dedicated Service

We prioritize each client’s unique needs, ensuring timely response, precision, and unparalleled commitment.

3-Tier Maintenance

The majority of the maintenance activities are planned by a condition monitoring system which reduces overall cost and improves the system’s reliability and availability. To do things right, Van Aalst Marine has adopted a 3-Tier maintenance system.


SLA Agreement

Van Aalst Marine & Offshore’s SLA ensures superior service standards for our partners. Prioritizing rapid response, reliable solutions, and continuous support, our commitment guarantees excellence in every marine venture, reinforcing trust and long-term collaboration.



We have over 60+ years experience

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