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Van Aalst Marine is part of Van Aalst Group. Van Aalst Group is a group of independent companies specializing in specific fields within the pneumatic cargo handling, transport and equipment distribution. The companies have short communication lines and employ highly skilled enthusiastic professionals whom are dedicated to deliver sustainable products that meet business specific processes. 

Our close collaborations and surround field knowledge has lead to great technological advances as a result of our customer driven approach and dedication. With the core design principles being reliable, durable, efficient and safe, the companies have continually delivered top quality products that adheres to customer specific and environmental demands. Being in favor with environmental regulations, each company works at its best to deliver environmental friendly solutions for now and in the future.

Partners of NIBC and Rotterdam Port Fund

“The added value of this partnership, besides the financing we are receiving, is the
possibility for us to continue as entrepreneurs, managing our own business. This
turned out to be an excellent combination, made possible by the minority stake
which NIBC & RPF have taken in the business.”

– Wijnand van Aalst
Chief Exectutive Officer – Van Aalst Group

Van Aalst Group Structure

Van Aalst Group

Van Aalst Group institutes around a group of independent companies that specialize in specific fields within the pneumatic cargo handling of machinery, equipment and its development, for transport and distribution to the Marine & Offshore and the Construction Industry worldwide.



Safeway is first supplier to hover at geostationary position when transferring people. Safe transfer over standard bulwark is proven feasible. The vessel can freely chose heading which is essential for vessel position holding capacity. The combination of roll compensating mast and hover allows Safeway to always connect at each side of the offshore structure delivers the track record of unmatched real world workability with comfort and speed.

Mulder Europe

Since 1998 the Van Aalst Group is active in the concrete mixers and batching plants.
The concrete mixers are engineered, manutactured and sold under the company name Mulder Europe BV and is mainly active in Benelux and Europe.


We have over 60+ years experience

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