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Cargo Maxx

The Cargo Maxx system has been engineered to meet the unique challenges faced by PSVs and OSVs in the offshore industry.
Our team of experts has carefully considered the needs of these vessels and has developed a solution that delivers top-notch performance and reliability.

Flexible Cargo Systems

The Flexible Cargo System brings a new level of
versatility to the handling of various types of cargo,
including dry bulk materials, liquid cargo,
containers, and equipment. This modular system
has been meticulously engineered to address the
unique challenges faced by PSVs and OSVs
operating in harsh offshore environments.

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Some of the key features of the Cargo Maxx system include:

1. High-efficiency pneumatic conveying

Our innovative technology ensures efficient transfer of dry bulk
materials such as cement, barite, and bentonite, reducing the
time and effort required for loading and unloading operations.

2. Advanced automation and control

The system comes with a state-of-the-art control system that
provides easy and precise management of the entire bulk
handling process. This reduces the need for manual intervention
and minimizes the risk of errors.


3. Environmental friendliness

By utilizing closed-loop pneumatic conveying, the system minimizes
the risk of spillage or contamination, ensuring that your operations
are environmentally responsible.

4. Customizable solutions

We understand that each PSV and OSV has its unique requirements,
which is why we offer bespoke configurations tailored to your vessel’s
specific needs.

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