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Offshore Support Vessels – CargoMaxx


CargoMaxx represents a revolutionary advancement in cargo systems tailored for offshore support vessels. This innovative concept entails replacing the conventional dedicated cargo tanks for various specific cargoes with a versatile cargo tank solution. Traditionally, separate tanks are utilized for liquid mud, dry bulk, brine, base oil, fuel oil, and methanol, resulting in limited cargo tank capacity due to the division of space among these individual tanks.

The CargoMaxx design introduces a transformative approach by consolidating all these cargo tanks into a unified CargoMaxx tank configuration. This novel design not only offers exceptional flexibility but also significantly enhances payload capacity by maximizing cargo tank volume.

Flexible Cargo Systems

The Flexible Cargo System brings a new level of versatility to the handling of various types of cargo, including dry bulk materials, liquid cargo, and equipment. This modular system has been meticulously engineered to address the unique challenges faced by PSVs and OSVs operating in harsh offshore environments.

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The CargoMaxx system incorporates a range of advanced technologies

1. Dry Bulk Discharge Technology

The system is based on a vacuum-pressure mechanism for efficient dry bulk discharge. Developed by the Van Aalst Group decades ago, it has undergone continuous refinement over the years to ensure high performance.

2. Integrated Liquid Discharge

The liquid discharge system is fully integrated but kept separate from the bulk system, allowing for effective handling and discharge of liquids.

3. Optimized Mechanical Tank Washing

The CargoMaxx system features advanced mechanical tank washing, reducing residue and slop for enhanced cleanliness and efficiency during cargo operations.

4. Liquid Agitation

The system utilizes low-speed circulation for liquid agitation, ensuring thorough mixing and homogeneity.

5. ORO Heating

ORO (Oil, Refined, and Other) heating is facilitated through glycol or steam, maintaining cargo temperatures as needed.

6. Drill Cuttings and Return Mud Discharge

Specialized DC piston pumps are employed to efficiently discharge drill cuttings and return mud, streamlining the process and enhancing cargo handling.

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