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Alianca 015 – CBO Pacifico

The Alianca 015 – CBO Pacifico is a specialized offshore support vessel designed to perform a range of tasks, including platform maintenance, ROV operations, and subsea construction. The ship was built in 2012 and is registered under the Brazilian flag. With a length of 87.45 meters and a beam of 18 meters, the vessel has a gross tonnage of 3,099.

The ship’s main deck is equipped with a crane capable of lifting heavy loads up to 140 tons, making it ideal for offshore construction work. The vessel also features a dynamic positioning system that allows it to maintain its position and heading without the need for anchors. This is essential for tasks such as subsea cable laying, where the vessel needs to maintain a precise position over long distances.

In addition to its heavy-lift crane and dynamic positioning system, the Alianca 015 – CBO Pacifico is also equipped with a range of other specialized equipment, including a helideck for helicopter operations, a moon pool for launching and recovering ROVs, and a specialized survey system for subsea mapping.

The ship is crewed by a team of experienced offshore professionals who are trained to operate the vessel’s advanced equipment safely and efficiently. The crew includes marine engineers, electricians, mechanics, and ROV pilots, among others.

Overall, the Alianca 015 – CBO Pacifico is a versatile and reliable offshore support vessel that is well-suited for a range of subsea construction and maintenance tasks. With its advanced equipment and experienced crew, the ship is capable of delivering high-quality results in even the most challenging offshore environments.

Vessel Name lianca 015 – CBO PacificoVessel TypeOffshore Support Vessel
FlagBrazilYear built2012
Length87.45 metersGross Tonnage (GT)3,099
Beam18 metersIMO9578919

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