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CargoMaxx Drilling Service

During the drilling of a wellbore, drilling fluids are essential for cooling and lubricating the drill head. However, when these fluids return to the drillship, they often carry soil contaminants, resulting in a mixture known as drill cuttings. With CargoMaxx, these drill cuttings are efficiently stored in silos located below deck. The CargoMaxx DCS system represents a fully enclosed below-deck storage and discharge solution, boasting zero environmental impact and ensuring the utmost safety for drillship and rig personnel.

Additionally, the drill cutting storage tanks can serve a dual purpose by accommodating contaminated drains and drips from various relevant areas of the drillship. Thanks to a higher discharge rate, the time required to offload drill cuttings to the offshore support vessel is significantly reduced, improving operational efficiency and minimizing downtime.

Revolutionizing Under Deck Storage

The CargoMaxx Drilling system introduces a groundbreaking underdeck storage solution, setting a new benchmark for cargo management in Platform Supply Vessels (PSVs) and Offshore Supply Vessels (OSVs). More than just a design, this unique storage approach represents a culmination of meticulous research and technological advancements.

By optimizing available space and ensuring seamless access, the system significantly amplifies both the efficiency and safety of cargo handling operations. For the demanding environments of the offshore drilling industry, this innovative storage solution translates into quicker turnaround times, reduced risks, and enhanced operational continuity, firmly positioning CargoMaxx Drilling at the forefront of marine logistical solutions.

Frigstad D90 (Semi Sub Drill cutting handling)

The Frigstad D90 semi-submersible drilling rig also utilizes the CargoMaxx Drilling system, which is an advanced and integrated cargo handling solution designed for efficient and safe cargo management in offshore drilling operations. The D90 is designed to be a state-of-the-art drilling platform for deepwater oil and gas exploration and production operations.

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