Offshore Support Vessels – P-Tank System


About the P-Tank System

In the realm of self-discharging vessels, especially those transporting cement, ensuring an efficient and reliable unloading mechanism is crucial. There are predominantly two methods adopted for this purpose: the vacuum-pressure (pneumatic) approach and the screw conveyor (mechanical) system.

The screw conveyor system enjoys widespread familiarity due to its simplicity and widespread application across diverse industries. It’s straightforward: the screw mechanism pushes and conveys the materials, making it easy to grasp and trust.

However, when it comes to handling cement—a notably abrasive and dusty product—we stand by the superiority of the pneumatic principle. Our P-Tank System, based on this principle, is not just about transferring cement but doing so in a manner that reduces wear and tear and ensures optimal efficiency. The pneumatic approach minimizes direct contact with the abrasive nature of cement, potentially prolonging the system’s lifespan and ensuring a consistent and efficient discharge.

Choose the P-Tank System, and you’re choosing a solution crafted with both the intricacies of cement handling and the broader needs of the maritime transport industry in mind.

Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas sector stands as one of the most dynamic and critical industries worldwide, powering economies, supporting infrastructures, and driving innovations. Within this vast ecosystem, the transport and handling of key materials, such as cement, play an indispensable role, especially in drilling operations where cement is used to secure the steel casing and seal the well against potential leakages.

Given the industry’s rigorous standards and the challenging environments it often operates in, there’s an acute need for reliable, efficient, and durable systems. This is where solutions like our P-Tank System come into play, designed to address the specific demands of products like cement within the oil and gas framework.

By understanding the intricacies of this industry and combining it with our expertise in material handling, we ensure that operations remain seamless, safe, and efficient at all stages.

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