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Alianca 016 – CBO Flamengo

The Alianca 016 – CBO Flamengo is an offshore supply vessel built in 2011 with a length of 86.87 meters, a beam of 18 meters, and a gross tonnage of 2,931. The ship is registered under the flag of Brazil and is operated by the Brazilian company CBO. As an offshore supply vessel, the Alianca 016 – CBO Flamengo provides support to oil rigs and other offshore installations by transporting equipment, supplies, and personnel to and from these sites.

The ship’s design is optimized for its specific function, with a large open deck area for cargo and equipment, as well as a helipad for easy transport of personnel. The vessel is also equipped with a dynamic positioning system, which allows it to maintain its position and heading without the need for anchors, increasing safety and efficiency in offshore operations.

In terms of safety features, the Alianca 016 – CBO Flamengo is equipped with the latest navigation and communication equipment, as well as a range of fire suppression and life-saving appliances. The vessel is also built to withstand harsh offshore conditions, with a robust hull and advanced stabilization systems.

Overall, the Alianca 016 – CBO Flamengo is a versatile and reliable offshore supply vessel that plays an important role in supporting Brazil’s offshore oil industry. With its specialized design, advanced technology, and comprehensive safety features, the ship is well-equipped to handle the challenges of operating in this demanding environment.

Vessel NameAlianca 016 – CBO FlamengoVessel TypeOffshore Supply Vessel
FlagBrazilYear built 2011
Length86.87 metersGross Tonnage2931
Beam18 metersIMO9578880

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