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Agua Marinha

Agua Marinha is a bulk carrier ship that was built in 2006. It flies the flag of Marshall Islands and has a gross tonnage of 43,206 tons. The ship is 229.16 meters long and 32.26 meters wide. As a bulk carrier, Agua Marinha is designed to transport large quantities of dry goods, such as coal, iron ore, and grain.

The ship has a single deck with a number of cargo holds, each capable of carrying thousands of tons of cargo. The cargo holds are covered by hatches that can be opened and closed for loading and unloading. Agua Marinha is equipped with heavy-duty cranes that can lift the cargo from the ship’s hold and onto the shore.

Agua Marinha has a bulbous bow, which is a special shape at the front of the ship designed to reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. The ship is also equipped with a variety of safety features, including lifeboats, life rafts, and firefighting equipment. It is operated by a crew of skilled professionals who are responsible for navigating the ship, loading and unloading cargo, and maintaining its equipment.

Overall, Agua Marinha is a well-built and efficient bulk carrier that is capable of transporting large quantities of cargo across the world’s oceans. Its size and capabilities make it an important part of the global shipping industry, helping to move goods and resources from one part of the world to another.

Vessel Name Agua MarinhaVessel TypeBulk Carrier
FlagMarshall IslandsYear2006
Length229.16 metersGross Tonnage43,206 tons
Beam32.26 metersYear built2006

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