Maintenance & Repair

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Worldwide service. 24/7 support.

With world-wide operations, Van Aalst Marine Offshore is familiar with
servicing vessels abroad.The world-wide coverage of Van Aalst Marine
Offshore leads to having efficient logistic organisation and qualified
service personnel available to respond to ad hoc service requests. A
“24/7” central help desk is available for supporting on-board maintenance
tasks. Through local service centers, technicians and/or parts can be sent
to local ports in support of more complex maintenance & repair tasks.

Critical parts

With Operational spares on-board and smart logistic
systems (stock keeping & transport solutions), Van
Aalst Marine Offshore is able to ship critical parts to
any world-wide location within 24 hours, minimising
any potential down time of a system.

Maintenance &

Remote access

Operational spares on-board

24/7 support from back office

SLA agreement can be made


3-Tier maintenance

The majority of the maintenance activities are planned by a condition monitoring system which
reduces overall cost and improves the system’s reliability and availability. To do things right, Van Aalst
Marine Offshore has adopted a 3-Tier maintenance system.
1st Tier Maintenance & Repair Program
2nd Tier Maintenance & Repair Program
3rd Tier Maintenance & Repair Program

Performed by vessel crew divided by:

  • Performed offshore
  • In port1

Performed by

VAMO engineer on-site


Return parts to


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