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African Vision is a large bulk carrier with a Panama flag, built in 2010. The vessel has a length of 229 meters and a beam of 32.3 meters. Its gross tonnage is 43,391. Bulk carriers are used to transport large quantities of unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, coal, and ore. These vessels are designed to withstand the heavy loads of such cargo and often feature large, open cargo holds with movable hatch covers. The cargo is loaded and unloaded through large hatches on the deck or the bottom of the vessel.

African Vision is likely to have a similar design and features to other bulk carriers. These vessels are essential for global trade, as they transport the raw materials needed to fuel industries around the world. They play a significant role in the global economy and are responsible for moving large amounts of cargo across the oceans every day. Due to their size and purpose, bulk carriers are typically crewed by experienced professionals, including skilled navigators, engineers, and cargo handlers.

Vessel Name African VisionVessel TypeBulk Carrier
FlagPanamaYear built2010
Length229 metersGross Tonnage (GT)43,391
Beam32.3 metersYear built2010

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